SEC Submits Flat Budget Request

May 25, 2017

The SEC submitted its budget request for fiscal year (FY) 2018. The SEC is requesting $1.602 billion in support of 4,543 positions and 4,542 full-time equivalents for 2018. This requested budget level is essentially flat compared to the FY 2017 level. The SEC stated that it contemplates continued access to the Commission’s Reserve Fund to fund long-term capital investments in information technology.

Key areas identified by the SEC to support its budget are: 

• Using leading technologies to support our economic and risk analysis functions and permit the SEC to better keep pace with the entities and markets we regulate;

• Promoting firms’ access to the capital markets to generate economic growth while maintaining investor protection;

• Maintaining our enforcement program’s investigative and litigation capabilities to swiftly and effectively pursue wrongdoing, especially retail fraud; and

• Continuing a risk-based focus on examinations of investment advisers and other key entities who interact with retail and institutional investors.

The SEC noted that its funding is deficit-neutral, which means that any amount appropriated to the agency will be offset by transac¬tion fees and therefore will not impact the deficit or the funding available for other agencies.

Click here to access the budget.