About 40Act.com

40Act.com is an Internet-based tool, teacher and document repository all rolled up into one. What makes 40Act.com evolutionary is ETR: Expertise/Technology/Resources.


Behind 40Act.com is a team of investment management compliance and law experts. Call us “40Act technologists” or "40Act curators" if you like. We focus exclusively on the 40 Acts and our experience is exclusively with the 40 Acts. This gives the ability to do extreme deep dives in the laws and regulations that make up the 40 Acts. In addition, we are able to ferret out, organize and “smart up” the resources that we make available on 40Act.com. Particular industry laws and rules have become too intricate and complex for generalists and purveyors of general legal and compliance search products.


40Act.com is the product of innovative web design, smart organization and enhanced documents support by an advanced technology platform. Never have legal and compliance resources been packaged this way. We "smart up" each document on the site by wrapping with explanations and linking to the most relevant other documents (as determined by our experts). 


Our team has handpicked thousands of relevant documents and applied our expertise and cutting edge technology to create an unmatched compliance and legal tool. Not only have we gathered documents from a variety of sources, but we have generated hundreds (soon to be thousands) of pages of original content. For example, we have not seen a better legal treatise on adviser law and compliance. These resources are not only organized neatly but woven together through links.

Before we add a document (e.g., an SEC no-action letter, a sample compliance procedure, etc.), we pause and figure out its optimal location on the site and the existing areas of the site that relate to it. We then load it. We then link it to the other relevant pages.


When you subscribe, you will become a member of our 40Act.com community. We want you to be contributors, editors … do all the other things people do in a community. We want to hear your ideas, share our ideas with you and grow the site in all directions.

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